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Wanted Level Changes

GTA V – Wanted Level

wanted level

Get rid of your Wanted Level works in GTA 5 anything other than in GTA 4. You no longer need to drive more a huge circle as in GTA 4, but should try to get out of sight of the police. If that, then you go on to the stage at which the police to your searches. On the minimap you'll see several cars drive along with its associated field of view of that car. Do you ride behind them on proper distance, they see you not. If you long enough, did you get them out of their sight remains officially shaken off and you can continue.

When you have two stars or less, you to go offroad as soon as possible. Police officers do not go to your lookup if you have parked your car on a mountain. Have you made the more colorful and did you get from three stars to do with a helicopter, then you to find bridges to the sight of the helicopter to escape. If that yet, get him down with, for example, a rocket launcher and then a mountain. also wants to use an airplane to ensure that the police can shake off relatively easy.

In addition, it is also still possible to use the different Car Shops. Here it is possible to adjust your car. Do you do that at the moment the police you don't see it, then you can make your car spraying and prosecute your way again.

Car Upgrades

GTA V – Car Upgrades - All about the new and upcoming upgrades for your ride

Car Shops can of course be used to provide a Visual adjustment your existing car. As the story progresses and you complete a number of important missions, you get more and more possibilities for Modding your car so that it meets your taste. So its bumpers, wings, roofs and spoilers, so as to put together a delicious patserbak.

In addition, it is also possible to adjust the car under the hood, so he while completing important missions just what performs better. This can be divided into the following categories.


By the outside of your car to adjust he goes longer and he can for example more bullets from the police. Upgrades range from a bonus of 20 to 100 percent. Costs for the upgrade are between 2500 and $ 25,000, depending on the type of car and upgrade.


Who doesn't want to drive by the red light or that one deer from his windshield would scrape, has the ability to improve its brakes. There are four variations (Stock, Street, Sport and Race), where the effect is becoming something better. Cost of all this lies between 1000 and $ 17,500.


Would you like to participate in races or simply just what can drive harder to evade the police, then you adjust your current engine. There are four levels in which you can use to enhance the engine that you are between 900 and 3350 dollars. With the most expensive variant you engine performs approximately 15 percent better.


If you but not a difficult bend at high speed to get through? It is wise to have a look at your suspension. Although the suspension no bonus gives in terms of statistics, the better your road holding and thus tighter can rip. The suspension is in four variations on sale for firms of between 500 and $ 2200.


Ideal for the gamer who wants to get away with each traffic light faster than the other rider. Thanks to an improved transmission you simply pull a lot faster and get you your top speed. It costs between 14,500 and $ 20,000, with the most expensive package an improvement of five percent. We think that is not a whole lot, so this is only for the gamer that has too much money.


It is therefore wiser to purchase a Turbo, which allows you to raise up to 25 percent faster. Depending on the type of vehicle in which you drive the Turbo costs you between 5,000 and $ 12,500.

Gta 5 Guides & Manuals

There are currently 4 GTA V books available

Unfortunately there are no Dutch books available for Grand Theft Auto V. it is therefore important that you read and understand the English language. There are actually 2 real guides available at this time and 2 special editions of Xplorer Cheats. This in principle 1 Edition, but then 1 for the PS3 and 1 for the XBOX. These two books by Xplorer Cheats should you actually take so not quite as official guide of GTA V.
gta 5 manual

Back to the official guides. You have there 2. One is called ' Grand Theft Auto V Signature Series Strategy Guide ' and the other ' Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Strategy Guide '. Which of the 2 is better than the other?

None of two. It is the same guide only another edition. One is the limited edition, the big difference is in the packaging. The Limited Editon has a hard case and that other is a paperback. In these books you can find support in missions, but also all the secret spots of GTA V and collectors items. For example, the places where weapons are. This is useful in the beginning when you have limited money to buy everything.

Why would you buy a Guide for GTA V?

You do not necessarily have to use him in missions. Of course, you can choose whether you want it or not. In addition to support for the spelling out of the story mode, there is so much more in GTA V. by such a guide to buy, do you know for sure on places where you haven't been was and discover your secrets where you normally not figure out. In addition, the main advantage of such a book, which you can lay on the couch next to you. This browse quickly and is often more convenient than on search youtube or read on your smartphone.

New Platforms

GTA V to PS4 and Xbox One?

GTA V to PS4 and Xbox One

Is GTA V to the Nextgen consoles Ps4 and Xbox One? Or not? In principle, Rockstar announced that it not working on a version for the PS4 or Xbox One but .....

In an interview with Opie & Anthony (who?) gave a developer of Rockstar, called Lazlow, subtle hints that there is a GTA game is going to come for the next-gen consoles. That Opie & Anthony do you know by the way well, they have an own radio show in GTA V. Lazlow indicated that one had chosen for the PS3 and Xbox because they are so the game could offer to more people, because still not everyone a PS4 has of course. He also gave to that ' they ' had announced anything yet about a game for the next-gen, but gave a nod at. Of course the whole game world sees this as a hint and there it looks on.

The interview is not yet back to find online, once it does, then you see him here.

Valentines Day Massacre Update

Valentines day massacre special a free update special for Valentine's day

Valentines Day Massacre

Rockstar has made available especially for valentijdsdag a free update for both the storyline as well as for online gaming.

New weapon: Gusenberg sweeper

Nothing says-I love you-in the same way as the wooden handle and the cool steel a Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun. You can get it in every ammo shop. They are available for each character.

New car: Albany Roosevelt

Color the town red in this classic Albany Roosevelt. The armored limo is perfect for gangsters. Most effectiev is your self behind the wheel and get your measurements from the Windows hang so they can shoot if you pass your enemies. The Roosevelt you can pick up in any garage in story mode and is also available in the online game of website.

New clothing:

Double-lapel suits and 1920 style dresses, or in sexy undergarments if you incognito with new masks. There are also new novelty t-shirts available. Hats and more. Even a bob hairstyle for the ladies.

Ten new jobs

With the new download are also 10 new jobs spread across the city. A broken heart, a deadmatch, a parachute jump, new land and sea races.
Have fun.

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Get this amazing Gta 5 strategy Guide

Join the community and dominate the game with the new GTA V Guide

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a colossus, as you may expect from Rockstar. With our GTA 5-complete solution you have a wonderful overview, what is there in Los Santos and Blaine County to see everything and experience of the main mission in story mode to the numerous sidelines. Check this guide to know more.

Tips and tricks

Because we want you not to start without a few introductory words, there is general information on the first page. The navigation below holds many main, side missions, FAQs and additional guides. Have fun in Los Santos and with our GTA-5 solution.

Playable characters

1 GTA V is a game with three characters, you can switch between them by keeping Digikreuz down and with the right stick in the wheel of the character bottom right goes to the character that you want to control: Franklin, Michael or Trevor. These are unlocked gradually within the main story.

2. Every time, if you do this, you can see a small single player, what is the one to which you are changed, doing - at least if some time has passed since the last change. The characters who just does not control you, change, driving around in the city, do any things. When you want to control them, they are ready.

3. Not every character can accomplish each mission. You look on the map, then oriented on the color in which the icons are shown: Blue stands for Michael, green for Franklin, Orange for Trevor. See for example a Green T, then that means that only Franklin can accept the job of this person.
4. In some missions, it doesn't matter, especially if already several main characters that are involved. Here nothing understanding varies depending on the character, with the going to the mission symbol, a bit what, but.

5. The change between the characters works basically always between missions. You are just in a job, you can't, if not several characters act with. You meet a pure Franklin job, so you have to pull him out with Franklin.

6. Each character has their own character values that rise independently of each other. It can happen for example, that it increases your endurance with Michael, while Trevor comes quickly out of breath. All of these values is: the more often you use it, they become better. Learning by doing it.

7. Each character has an account with different amounts of money on it. So it is not drawn from a pool. Everyone must come up from his hard-earned money for what he wants to do, about weapons or activities.

Game structure

1 As befits a GTA, it is open and is designed so that you can do what you: explore the city, denies main missions or side quests, drive out to the country, take part in a triathlon, completed the flight school, goes swimming, ride BMX around and, and, and.
2. The main plot is linear of course, which means that it after new missions unlocks, the more you done. But you must not do that, because there are hundreds ways of leisure in GTA 5. Who makes time, discovered so much more in Los Santos.

3. Basic Grand Theft Auto 5 is divided into main story missions, "strangers and freaks"-side missions, random events (thinks to red dead redemption), leisure and supporting jobs and what classifies the game under "Miscellaneous".

4. We have the relevant info and pictures in the solution to all these missions and all the possible jobs. In the GTA-5 Mission guide you have an overview of what types of missions there, when they are unlocked and what can be achieved. So you miss no detail on his way to the 100% game completion.

5. Who is too lazy to drive, can go in a taxi and drive themselves to the place of destination, huh. Either one stop or contacted via Smartphone the downtown cab company, so the taxi headquarters. Who goes on the driver's side, pulls the taxi driver after outside and pulls himself the mill under the nail. You can then simply drive around, or you can start even taxi missions.
6. Even car rides are possible again. Simply go into a station and enters the train as soon as the doors open. Her departure then all stations and get off when you have reached the desired position.

7. The way to water is a great addition. You are boats, jet skis, U-boats and other facilities available for this purpose.

8 Flight fans come in GTA 5 fully at their own expense. At the latest after you've exposed Trevor and meets three missions with him, come to an airstrip and can man the first time a small plane. The flight school is available from the point, seen from GTA San Andreas. Here you can improve your Flugskills and learns new tricks. For those who like something solid, get an own helipad. Parachutes also are available, for example in Ammu-shops of nation-, to protect themselves against unpleasant surprises when flying.

GTA-V results/achievements/trophies

1. Of course, the latest installment has again lots of crazy achievements and trophies for which you you partly very have to bend. Here, you do things that normally do not would you do, at least not in this way. Fortunately, there's our trophies guide as an aid.

Crime: wanted level/star

1 The well-known system of law enforcement by the police is in GTA V. It was a little refined and expanded, so that it will be not so easy to get rid of the intelligence star. You can find more information in our investigation star Guide.


1. There should not be a habit, and you know of course, that you you can spoil your game experience that, but what would be a GTA without cheats? Therefore, we have collected the previous GTA 5 cheats in the overview and show how you cause you to, for example, vehicles, dismantle the intelligence star, the weather can change you, and so much more.

Cards with sites!

1. There are to collect much. So much, that you can capture it hardly in one fell swoop, especially bad in text form. Therefore, we have maps for everything is treated in GTA V as a collector's item, for example the letter snippets, the spaceship parts, Monster stunts, hidden packages, or real estate in our solution. We have found all collectables and marked the locations for you.


iFruit is not only a Smartphone in Grand Theft Auto 5, but also an official app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These can be downloaded free from Apple's app store and weighs 444 MB. iFruit your iOS device connects with the game, so your a Rockstar account required. You can create you free of charge directly from the app. Have you logged in you, you expect a menu with various in-game apps. The majority of them provides information and news, but two apps are interactive.
The ' Los Santos Customs'-app allows you to pimp your own vehicle at any time on the road and on your iOS device. Here you can select the spoilers and engine, brakes, exhaust or suspension tune under other liveries, tinted Windows, tire smoke colors, wheels, bonnets, and install new headlights. Pay you have of course to the tuning with your virtual money of the respective character has accumulated. You can pimp cars for Trevor, Michael and Franklin. As soon as you have paid the whole thing, your car is the next time in GTA 5 in the garage. In addition, you can create even your personal number plate.

The app chop the dog, however, it's a little like on Tamagotchi to the thing. You take care of Franklin's dog chop and you can get various benefits this. Trained him, give him food and water, or play with him. All this will have impact on chop and its mood in Grand Theft Auto 5 and unlock new options. It not only helps you to fend off villains, but to tear away even the bikinis of the beach beauties.

Caution: in the Android store Google play, some fakes of the iFruit app making the rounds. Never download. The app is officially not yet available for Android available, will follow in the course of time.

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Gta 5 now on Android!

GTA 5: published iFruit now available for devices running Google Android

You can download now finally also the iFruit app for Android on Google's play store. iFruit expanded GTA 5 to some game elements, which you can also enjoy on a Smartphone or a Tablet PC. Your iFruit activities have a direct impact on GTA 5.

Since yesterday evening is Grand Theft Auto: iFruit finally available for devices running Google Android play store to download ready. The app iFruit expanded GTA 5 to a mobile gaming experience. So you can run as the Franklin dog chop on your Smartphone or tablet or teach new tricks. It is called chop the dog and is basically a Tamagotchi blend for GTA 5. In Los Santos customs, you can beef up your cars by you missed them among other things better engines.

The real trick here: All iFruit activities also affect GTA 5. Chop is an ever more useful companion and your Monster sled it will want to be soon nobody in Los Santos. The hardware requirements for iFruit for Android read relatively hearty. So you need at least one device with a dual core and 1.4 GHz according to rock star bar, 1 GB of RAM, as well as 242 MB free disk space. Prerequisite is also Android 4.0 or higher.